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If you have a new member on your staff, it’s easy to share all your business contacts. Or if you need to transfer contact data from one account to another, Smart Contact Manager can do it in a single click, synchronizes all data, provides the ability to manage access rights, and also has a nice design.

Developing Software for Electronic Devices

The process of building the application software includes the creation of cross-platform applications, development, and connection of program modules, user interface design, development of programs for the integration of third-party components. Depending on the tasks of the project, the Smart Contact Manager team develops the tooling software. This is the creation of automation tools for the process of development of new programs and their maintenance by means of a programming language.

A set of programs to control the system components of a device.

These programs do not enable the user to work with the device, but support the operation of the application software, implement interaction within the system and manage the hardware resources. Smart Contact Manager specialists distinguish several types of system software development:
– Service software – these are systems for checking hardware and upgrade modules.
– Server software, which is needed to combine disparate devices into a complete system of equipment with precise characteristics.
– System software includes microcontroller software.

Reasons to order software development from Smart Contact Manager

– We offer software that is robust and resistant to external influences and disturbances (including the development of interactive modules with different interfaces);
– The software from Smart Contact Manager maintains the long-term operability of the device.

Types of software development

1. Software for transportation. Smart Contact Manager creates software for vehicle electronics. This can be on-board computers, navigation and multimedia systems, control software for vehicle components. Programmers understand that transportation software needs to function reliably under extreme load and operating conditions.
2. Media software development. This type of software is created for both private (PCs, mobile gadgets and consoles) and public use (equipment for movie theaters and entertainment studios). Programmers work on developing optimized code on the basis of standard operating systems and create modules to improve hardware operation with multimedia.
3. Communications. Software development for network devices (switches and routers). Programmers create code for interface drivers and chips, optimize network data structures (stacks), and develop support functions for the user interface.

Software Development Stages

1. Smart Contact Manager programmers need to know the specifications of the device and its functionality. The ideal is to have the electrical appliance, its photos or drawings. The possibility of implementing software for the electrical device is determined, the main ways of implementing the project, and the price for all types of work are stipulated.
2. Smart Contact Manager marketers determine the competitors, analyze their devices and software. Based on the advantages and disadvantages, they make a business model and develop the features of the new software. In addition, a study of the target audience is conducted, which helps determine typical usage scenarios of the electronic software.
3. Programmers develop algorithms to build the software, define the forms for input and output data, create the structure of the program and the configuration of hardware. At this stage, the product is tested and the results are documented for presentation to the customer.
4. After the release of the product, Smart Contact Manager specialists develop operational documentation for users, provide technical and service support for the software of the electronic device.

In conclusion a few words

Smart Contact Manager is a team of experienced professionals, for whom custom software development is not just a source of income, but an activity in which each team member is interested. We are happy to present our company and our products on BusinessDirectory. We hope that all interested people will benefit from it.