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Health insurance is a complicated business. The policies are complex and complicated and unless you have read and studied the policies closely you could enroll on the wrong plan. You could be under-insured or maybe over-insured. Yes, someone can be over insured.

I spend most of my time educating my clients about health insurance before we commit them to any coverage. I know most folks just want to get down to brass tacks and I understand that. But, health insurance is not like any other insurance. Some of my associates that sell other kinds of insurance would never sell health insurance because even to a licensed agent it is still too complicated. They would rather involve themselves in other line of insurance.

If you are looking at the Marketplace (Affordable Care Act) plans there can be dozens of plans that can all start to blur together. Some with differences so subtle it would be impossible to tell the difference without really digging in to each policy individually.

And I would not recommend the ACA to most people unless they met one of criteria. One – they need financial assistance or two they have major pre-existing health conditions. Other wise there are very good options available on the private market. Health insurance plans in nashville you won’t find just surfing around the web.

So before you rush into purchasing coverage based solely on a few numbers or buy on price alone ( a huge no-no) reach out to me and let me help and advise you.

Even if you don’t enroll with me I’ll give you an honest assessment of your current coverage and compare apples-to-apples with whatever your current choices might be.

Brian Pierce
Nashville Premier Health Insurance