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StateNew York NY
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Zip Code11214
Service AreaNew York City NY
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Here in Brooklyn, even the best dental insurance plans will let you down by sneaking in high premiums, creating exclusions for existing conditions, or having long waiting periods that leave you with no coverage for long stretches at a time.

Instead of going through all of the hoops that traditional insurance companies put you through, check out Dent Benefits, a subscription-based dental emergency service plan that offers full coverage of hundreds of different dental procedures here in Brooklyn with some of the top dental providers available.

Never wait for our subscription service, sign up today, and start getting covered tomorrow. We offer services that cover things like general dentistry, implants and surgical procedures, and even routine dental needs. See what the new era of dental emergency coverage looks like with Dent Benefits.

Unlike traditional emergency dental service providers who will charge high premiums, exclude certain coverages, and change your rates at their will, Dent Benefits offers full-service coverage for hundreds of dental services from top providers for a flat, $125 monthly fee. No additional premiums, no inflated charges, and no surprises ever.

All you do is sign up for our subscription network and you will have immediate, unlimited coverage for a massive range of dental needs. We think there’s a better way to know your teeth are protected, and you deserve to have the coverage you need.