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Software Development Company

300+ seasoned software developers on board

EffectiveSoft is an outsourcing software development company having more than 20 years of experience and successfully completing over 800 projects in different industries. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company renders premium custom software development services.

EffectiveSoft’s recent approach has been the dual focus on leading-edge software development for healthcare and financial technologies where the company masters its professional skills and broadens its experience by implementing the last-minute technological trends.


  • medicine
  • biotechnology
  • dentistry
  • pharmacy
  • medical chemistry
  • veterinary
  • science (psychology, immunology, molecular biology)

EffectiveSoft has profound experience in custom healthcare software development offering highly competitive healthcare solutions to small firms and large medical enterprises. The company provides medical mobile and web applications, IoT-powered healthcare solutions, data management systems, etc. EffectiveSoft helps companies save time and money developing robust custom healthcare-related products.


  • trading (trading platforms, automated trading, cryptocurrency)
  • banking
  • financial data analytics

EffectiveSoft delivers highly-professional fintech software development services to financial institutions meeting the strictest requirements of the software products of this kind.

Latest technological trends

The company goes hand-in-hand with the latest technologies: machine learning, AI, predictive analytics, IoT, blockchain, etc.

Custom application development

EffectiveSoft has considerable professional expertise in developing custom applications:

  • mobile app development (financial, medical, fitness mobile app development, etc.)
  • web applications (website development, enterprise web-based applications, intranet/extranet portals, etc.)
  • cloud app development
  • desktop apps (cross-platform desktop applications, desktop apps for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, plugins development, client-server application development, etc.)

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