About Me

Our Current Medical Model: Obscure, pharmaceutical-driven, time-limited, and covered with hidden expenses.

IVY offers a fresh start.

IVY's Medical Model: Each of our practitioners owns their own private practice under the IVY umbrella which allows us to spend quality time with patients while providing transparency, integrity, and empowering knowledge to prevent co-dependency. Every practitioner at IVY uses scientifically-researched natural medicine to address the root of health concerns and allow the body to heal itself. Our goal is to work together through our specialties for the greater purpose of enabling our community to live life fully.

Our variety of natural therapies includes naturopathic medicine, chiropractics, acupuncture, IV therapy, massage therapy, Bowen therapy, counseling, physical therapy, nutritional therapy, and herbal medicine. Choose one or multiple therapies to address your health concerns. We're all on your team.