About Me

Our coaching interventions are founded on years of experience in addiction recovery. We are experienced coaches with years of client session work in providing our specialized services. Hundreds of hours of education, including addiction theory and brain neuroscience, form the basis of our effective program. We participate in the latest continuing education which keeps us abreast of industry advancements in recovery principals, wellness interventions, and experiential work. We work with clients in residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities in addition to our private practice coaching clients. Having served dozens of clients and worked side-by-side with many credentialed professionals and peer recovery facilitators, we have guided many men and women on the path to reach their recovery goals.

We are committed to clients first, from a place of service, people suffering with addiction, and second, to provide healing to their families and loved-ones. Alcoholics and addicts, when living in active addiction, put their very lives at risk along with their loved-ones' health, safety and sanity. In our own personal recovery, we've experienced first-hand, the healing and power of recovery coaching techniques and remain grateful to those who taught, mentored, and trained us to help others over the years. We provide private, confidential, and professional coaching sessions and recovery services in a safe and therapeutic atmosphere. Together we conquer active addiction.

- Coach