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There are now many products out there in the market that are advertised as able to remove odors. Some of them are fantastic and do and alright job. However, not all odors can be removed by your everyday spray and require more advanced odor removal techniques to clean your house. Odors can be present in a household through many different causes, such as pets, smoke, mold and mildew and just a general lack of maintenance and cleaning within the house.

Prevent Odors From Coming Back
The first step to removing odor is to know how to prevent it. Odors are usually caused by bacteria and these bacteria will thrive in dark and damp locations. A good first step to stopping odors is to get into some good habits around the house, that will stop giving bacteria the chance to thrive. You can do simple things such as remembering to regularly take out the trash and hanging up wet towels and not leaving them on the floor. It is also looking for any other areas where moisture could build up, for example in places prone to condensation or a rug in the bathroom that may become wet.

When Is It Time To Contact A Professional
Sometimes odors can be removed as mentioned by your typical spray bottle product, however, we also all know that it’s good at masking the odor but in most cases not removing it. Too many times have you woken up the next day to the exact same smell you had to hide the other day for your meal with friends. You’ve spent hours on Google searching for weird and wonderful ways to get rid of odors but nothing seems to work. It’s finally time to speak to an expert, now it may seem daunting at first and in some cases embarrassing inviting a stranger into your home because it smells… But trust us when we say, it could be worse. We’ve dealt with small scale odors to full hoarder houses, and all that with a smile on our face because believe it or not, we enjoy doing it! We use a range of techniques for cleaning your odors such as using strong chemicals and thermal fogging, which involves the emission of a vaporized gas into the air which acts as a perfume and can neutralize any bad odors. If your odor returns after 24 hours (99% of the time it doesn’t) then that’s not to worry, give us a call and we will come back and ensure it’s removed the 2nd time. If an order can no longer be detected by smell after 24 hours it is then classed as removed.



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