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Web Design Brooklyn

Wonderful Websites in Manhattan
Finding good web design in Manhattan can be incredibly difficult. Forget about going out in person and finding good website hosting services New York City.

iGenii could have the solution. This web design business is located in Manhattan, New York. Updates are available with just a few clicks to send an email or a phone call to the project manager.

This company has added a mobile device feature. Now any site made through iGenii can be accessed on a mobile device (such as a phone or tablet) and function correctly while looking as amazing as it would on a desktop or a laptop.

No matter how the site is accessed, the designs are professional. Stock images are used to avoid issues and the design teams are available around the clock to update the website as needed. There’s a tool for customers to track the traffic on the site and see the unique views and visits each day, week, month, or year.

iGenii is also used to helping optimize views from search engines. With leading search engines cooperating with iGenii, the marketing teams are able to optimize keywords and pay per click ads. This is also made possible by the amazing design teams.

The design teams are dedicated to creating a quality website for their customers. Whether it is template based or custom designed, the sites are dedicated to business and target the right customers (IE a site about cosmetics – eye shadow, nail polish, lipstick, etc. – won’t have a page on car repair, and vice versa).

iGenii also offers services to increase exposure from other sources. Three major cable providers have teamed up with them to allow television commercials to be a part of the marketing strategy for three or four brands during each cycle. The cycles are about thirteen weeks long, and run on twenty five of the most popular channels on the three cable providers’ channel lists. Fees are spread equally between the brands participating, and one sixty-second ad ends up costing one brand about twenty dollars total.

The Big Data company has also teamed up with iGenii to offer more exposure. Any information made for the iShare&Save feature will be saved to the Big Data cloud. Here, more customers can access the information – at a cross selling price and for cross selling purposes, of course.

All in all, iGenii offers amazing web design in Manhattan and can ensure that any brand gets exposure.

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