Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Office Space – Factors to Consider


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No office remodeling is complete without new floors. While renovating office spaces,flooring is an important option to consider. If you are opting for tile flooring, you have to decide on the type of tile- whether concrete, porcelain, marble or others. Selecting the right type of tiles for your office space can be challenging, particularly with the extensive variety of these products available.It is important to weigh the aesthetics against the material’s durability and price. Leading tile distributors based in New York offer different types of polished floor tiles that would best suit your commercial use.

Nowadays, tiles are being used almost everywhere as an interior decoration choice. While purchasing tiles, it is better not to make any decision solely based on your first impression.Picture your building under multiple tile settings and choose the one which appears the best with your present building style.

Here are some main factors to considerwhen choosing the right type of tiling for your commercial building –

Picture the area which needs to be tiled – The location or the specific area to be tiled is an important factor to consider. Also, consider other aspects like –

  • Whether the tiles are for the floor or walls
  • Whether these are to be installed in a high movement area
  • Whether the area is inside or outside the building, and whether it will be exposed to moisture

The bathroom or kitchen areas are viewed as high movement zones and thus require tough tiles that won’t scratch or show stains easily.These areas require a waterproof material like ceramic or glass. However, you could also accommodate certain stone tiles in high-moisture areas. On the other hand, you need more durable tiles for outdoor use.Some types of tiles are too delicate to stand the daily wear and tear, and some may become unsightly if exposed to outdoor pollution and dust.

  • Type of tiles –Leading tile distributors in New York offer different types like – wood, stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles for specific use. Choose a product with high durability, moisture absorbance, frost resistance and excellent stain resistance and strength. The type of tile chosen should perfectly match the décor of the room. For instance, porcelain tiles can be used anywhere and can give you any look you want in any room. Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes, ceramic tiles offer several benefits– durability, ease of application and low cost. Wood tiles are extremely durable and can give any room a natural look. Stone tiles have a rough look; whereas marbleized tiles are timelessly beautiful and can add some exquisiteness.
  • Tile size – Most tile models are available in a wide variety of sizes. Measure the office room carefully and keep its proportions in mind when choosing a particular tile size. Large floor tiles can make the room appear larger since there are less visible grout lines to break the pattern. On the other hand, small tiles may create a crowded look; hence they would look best in rooms with minimalistic decorations.
  • Tile color – Tiles come in a variety of colors and variations of the same shade. Keep in mind a few things while selecting a tile color –
  • Vibrant tile colors will give a feeling of pleasantness and warmth to the room
  • Neutral colors are the easiest to integrate into any decor
  • Dark colors can add depth, but may make the room look smaller than its actual size
  • Light hues make spaces look bigger, and can brighten a room with natural light

An ideal option will be to mix and match two different shades of the same colors, as this can add to the aesthetic appeal.

  • Number of tiles required – It is important to decide on the total number of tiles required. The more precisely you measure, the more exact your cost estimate will be. Incorporate regions that may not be seen, for example, underneath the furniture, except if these are implicit. Consider buying additional tiles in case of any possible damage during the laying process.
  • Tile grouts – Grout comes in various colors, and you can choose one that fits the design of your project. For instance, a color close to that of the tile will make the grout unnoticeable, so the tile installation looks compact. On the other hand, a contrasting color can make individual tiles pop. It all depends on what effect you want to create, and the tile model you chose.
  • Degree of maintenance– The degree of maintenance is an important factor that should go into your tile selection. Porcelain and ceramic tiles flooring involves low maintenance and easy cleaning. Natural stone is one of the hardest materials to clean as they hold more pores that can collect dirt and grime. Glass, on the other hand, is prone to water spots, so the client may have to spend a little extra time polishing it, but it doesn’t hold dirt.

Choosing tiles solely based on appearance and color can lead to negative consequences in the long run. Follow a logical approach in decision-making like – where and what for the tile installation is done. Never pick a tile based on color schemes and textures alone;instead, select a tile which can withstand the day-to-day wear and tear of your building. Make it a point to select a tile that is particularly designed for that specific area. A reputable tile distributor in New York can help you find the perfect tile pattern matching your individual usage options and price range.

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