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Magnum Investigations is the only agency in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that holds a coveted Agency License, as opposed to a measly “Individual License,” who solely Specializes in Video Surveillance as it pertains to Cheating Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, and Alimony Investigation. Individual License holders put up a pretty website online portraying an image that they are much larger than they are. The reality is, they are likely working out of their home, and they are simply a 1-man operation. That is fine if they stayed within their lane and provided services such as witness interviews, serving subpoenas, background checks, etc. However, most 1-man operations will make the huge mistake of providing Surveillance services at your expense. No matter how good an investigator may be, common sense will tell you that if that one investigator were to attempt to follow your partner, it wouldn’t be long before your partner notices the tail. In other words, your partner will eventually look in his/her side/rearview mirror and see the same vehicle making every same turn that s/he makes and the same vehicle pulling up behind him/her at every red light. You can’t follow someone with only one investigator because it’s a recipe for disaster. Magnum investigations, LLC holds a coveted Agency License, which permits them to hire a staff of investigators. Magnum sends out a team of investigators, who work together at the same time but from separate vehicles. This agency does not get caught, and your partner will have no idea that s/he was ever being followed; this is very important because you don’t want to cause any more damage and/or waste your money. Also, Magnum does not sub-contract your case to another company; rather, they handle every single case in the house. Whereas, one-man companies often sub-contract your case to another company if they happen to have two investigations on the same day. Video Surveillance is very difficult, and most companies get caught, thus causing irreparable damage. Cheap companies and one-man companies get caught; you truly get what you pay for. Magnum will definitely cost more than other companies because they utilize a team of investigators and because they are video surveillance specialists. As with any profession (i.e., medical, educational, etc.), specialists always cost a bit more. In return, you receive better care and services based on unparalleled experience and knowledge and better equipment and tactics. Magnum will video/photo document your partner’s or ex’s activities without s/he knowing. The images will have a date and time stamp and will be certified. Magnum Investigations, LLC covers all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Because they are licensed, the investigative package (reports, pictures, and/or video) is admissible in court, meaning you can use it.


Cheating Investigations don’t typically take much time. Statistics show that if you suspect that your partner is cheating, then s/he probably is. You need to listen to your instincts; if you have a gut-feeling that s/he is cheating, you need to listen to your intuition. Approximately half of the cheaters leave few, if any, warning signs. Often the person they are cheating with coaches them in how to be careful in getting caught. So, in reality, you are not dealing with the person you think you know. Cheaters are always paranoid about getting caught and continually take precautionary measures to avoid detection and correct mistakes that you may have pointed out. The only thing that will end the lies and provide you with the closure you need is a video and/or photographic proof. Only a skilled investigator can capture video/photo proof without your partner detecting the investigator. Never try to take matters into your own hands or have a friend or relative attempt to follow your partner; if 1-man PI companies get caught, you or your friends will definitely get caught. Surveillance is a fine art and much more difficult than most people imagine. Following too close will result in detection, and following too loosely will lose observation of your partner. Cheap companies get caught; you really do get what you pay for. If a cheap company gets caught, you can rest assured you will not receive a refund. If an investigator gets caught, it will be the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Not only will you be out a whole lot of money, but you will have caused irreparable damage to your relationship, which would be terrible, especially if your partner wasn’t even cheating to begin with. There are no re-dos; if an investigator gets caught, your spouse will forever take precautionary measures to counter any investigator’s likelihood following him/her. In other words, you will never learn and unveil the truth. You only get one shot at this, so make sure it’s done right. Magnum Investigations has provided servi

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