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Fika and Friends offer animal assisted treatment in Boston, MA. AAT is an emerging kind of healing intervention in which animals are utilized as tools for clients to gain self-understanding and emotional development. Dog and equine assisted psychiatric therapy is a type of treatment, a field of mental health that recognizes the bond between animals and human beings and the capacity for emotional healing that can take place when a relationship is formed in between the 2 types.

Fika and Pals supply motivational, recreational and educational interactions that improve individuals’s lifestyle. Literacy programs assist kids improve their reading skills by reading. Even more, the animal interaction motivates rehab clients to walk again, teaches kids in special-education class important life skills, and facilitates therapy sessions in psychological university hospital.

Animal assisted treatment is believed to be an efficient short-term therapeutic approach for both individuals and families, dealing with a variety of mental health issue, consisting of behavioral concerns, depression and anxiety, low self esteem, consuming conditions, ADD/ADHD, post terrible stress condition, and relationship issues. While there is a requirement for research to support anecdotal proof of the effectiveness of animal helped psychiatric therapy.

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