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We will require your contents back to the temperature-controlled cleaning facilities and box them accordingly, we will clean through each box extremely carefully ensuring not to damage your content any longer but restore it to its previous form.


Once we’ve finished cleaning your items we will re-pack your content with fresh packing paper and bubble wrap to make certain they get to the most pristine condition possible. This is pretty much how most of one’s content is likely to be cleaned. Large furniture items will feel the same process. But certain items, such as electronics, will go through special processes to ensure they’re dried, cleaned and recovered properly as water damage causes more issues in the case of electronics. Often times, solid materials such as food is likely to be cleaned on automated machines, such as ultrasonics and deodorized for smoke odors. Any hard material that cannot be cleaned on a device is likely to be hand-cleaned with an eco-friendly degreaser and odor resistant.

Soft materials is likely to be cleaned within our machine, that has been proven to recuperate 85% of soft materials, including damaged dry clean only fabrics. This technology has enabled us to retrieve items that were previously considered interchangeable and greatly enhance our ability to create your life back once again to normal.


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