About Me

Boardroom Hairstylists was established in 1994, this was a lifelong dream of the Toland sisters, Donna and Debbie. Prior to 1994, Donna and Debbie Toland were located in the Savannah, GA working for Joel & Company Hair Salon. There they spent eight years homing their craft after graduating from The Hair Academy, by Joel. Relocating to the Atlanta area they went to work for Regis Hair Salon still pursuing their passion, hair styling. Donna and Debbie very quickly began to establish a large following of clientele and within 4 years Boardroom Hairstylists was opened for business. They both signed the lease, in the Wildwood Office Complex as an amenity to the building, shortly after and never looked back. Debbie after four years moved on her own for family reasons and Donna has been running the show ever since. Looking for a new salon? Seeking a salon that listens and will deliver? Try us today,