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Founded by Brittany Chibe in 2014, Within/Without creates paleo and keto-friendly (among many other alternative diets!) granola. But our granola isn’t really like other granolas. Soft-baked and completely oat and grain-free, our granolas are chewy and delicious without all of the unhealthy additives and ingredients of our competitors. We craft our products using clean, whole, and simple ingredients, so they offer a delicious and healthful alternative to highly-refined, processed granola. Low in sugar and carbs, and completely dairy, grain and seed-free, Within/Without is perfect for the mindful snacker looking for guiltless, good-for-you pleasure in their daily food. As a certified woman-owned and operated business, we strive to create a product that helps others feel their best so they can pursue their healthiest life. Our name comes from the idea that listening to and understanding your own body’s needs can be difficult without food running interference; so we craft our snacks without processed ingredients that cloud the voice within.

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