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Our center provides Trauma Informed Therapy that not only addresses symptom reduction but can facilitate growth promoting healing. We invite you to explore our website to see if Trauma and Beyond ® can assist you in your journey.

At Trauma and Beyond ® we strongly believe that psychological trauma is at the root of many psychological and emotional disturbances. Many survivors of traumatic experience are aware of symptoms that are causing persistent distress.

Symptoms such as problems with sleep, nightmares, flashbacks, avoidance of reminders of the trauma, and hyper-vigilance is just a few of the problems that may linger long after the trauma is over.

PTSD can occur after experiencing an overwhelming life- threatening event such as a natural disaster, rape, violence, or war. These experiences can leave long lasting symptoms well after the event is over. In the case of developmental trauma, trauma which is usually relational and repetitive overtime, a person may not be aware of how their past experiences can be linked to a variety of symptoms. Difficulties with connection to others, an overall sense of anxiety or dread, an overall numbness or feeling of not being fully alive are some of the reasons to explore trauma therapy. Sometimes, problems with addictions, depression, relationship issues, anger issues, anxiety or panic prompt people to seek treatment. We believe that very often trauma is at the root underlying these issues.

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