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The insight kidz care provides you the licensed in-home daycare in Maryland. We are giving our services in Baltimore MD also, to find our services near you visit our website.

​​Placing together Insight Kidz Care LLC is the result of my intense desire to be a self-employed entrepreneur.

Presently, I work for the Department of Homeland Security for 10 years. I have a bachelor’s in Business Management and a background working in administrative duties. Recently, I have begun pressing towards new endeavors. Despite having a very successful career, I have a lot of ambition and the desire to work with young infant’s and children. Previously, I worked as a Certified Nursing Technician at Franklin Square Hospital. Working as a Technician in the Labor & Delivery ward prepared me for having my own children. Experiencing the birth of children and being a care provider has been the most rewarding experience to me.

Proudly, I can say that as a single mother of 3: comical, loud, sassy, and know-it-all GIRLS!!! Ages (15, 8, 5, & infant) they are the wax that keeps my candle lit. Despite all that I have accomplished in life, being their mother has been the most tiring, stressful, and rewarding experience that I have ever faced. The most influential help of all was my oldest sister Kasmir Dutton, and family watching my children all these years. Without my sister I would not be where I am today. She has been with me all these years from my oldest to youngest daughter, and I never once had to worry about the safety or care of my children.

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