Ensocare Holistic Mental Health


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Experience the difference for yourself and discover what true mental health recovery feels like.

We are an online mental health provider, but that does not take away from the knowledge that will be given to change lives when it comes to major chronic illnesses such as depression. We will be able to provide guidance to the correct dietary supplements and organic foods to those that live great distances and those that are nearby, so that you may truly start your personal recovery to get back moving on your spiritual path in a safer, affordable, and reliable way.

Established in Culloden, GA in 2018, Ensocare will shed light on mystery illnesses such as depression to bring the mind and body back into balance. We are focused on empowering, supporting and inspiring our clients to reclaim their health, so they can live a healthier more meaningful life regardless of life challenges.

By looking at mental illnesses from a whole person point of view we can get a broader understanding by taking into account diet, mental and environmental factors to decide the best approach for healing and not just physical issues that have triggered the mental disorder. By offering alternative treatments, Ensocare can treat a wide variety of problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health disorders with the use of supplements and eating of organic foods. Ensocare takes a relaxed and holistic approach to health and has a special interest in correcting the whole body and prevention of mental diseases.

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